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Top 6 Questions to Ask before Hiring Childminders in London
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  • October 8th, 2020
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Top 6 Questions to Ask before Hiring Childminders in London

No parent is ready to hand over the responsibility of taking care of a baby to random childminders in London. Only experienced and dutiful ones are fit to do the job. To ensure you are dealing with an expert, ask a few questions before selecting one.

Let’s take a look at the list of questions that a parent should ask to a childminder:

1. How many years of experience he/she holds?

A new childminder may not be the best fit to take care of your baby when you are away from home. It is truer when your baby is not so docile. Leaving your child with an inexperienced nanny is never a good idea.

2. Is he/she Ofsted registered?

It is always recommended to hire an Ofsted registered babysitter. This registration process ensures a governess is fit enough to take care of children. During the registration process, the inspector observes how well the sitter nurse and the baby are interacting. This works as a training session which prepares the future nurses.
Ask for documents as proof of the proper registration.

3. How much does he/she charge?

It is advisable to discuss the payment terms and conditions in advance. This makes the process less stressful. Many prefer weekly payments while a lot opt for a monthly system.

Many employers in the UK offer childcare voucher schemes. If you are such a parent whose company provides this benefit, you can take this up. But before proceeding with this, ask the childminders whether it is acceptable for them or not.

4. Do they know how to handle a sick child?

Children often fall sick and this is common for many. If a nurse doesn’t know how to take care of a sick child, she/he may not be a good fit for this job.

Many childminders often take care of multiple babies. If one of them is sick, there is possibility for others to fall sick also. Therefore, it is crucial for the nurse to inform beforehand if she/he is already taking care of an unwell child and doesn’t want others to catch the infection.

5. What meals do he/she offer?

Some nurses offer all meals as part of their fee structure. Many ask the parents to send packed foods with the kids to allow them a control over the snacks of their children.

In case the governess is taking care of the meals, ask what they are offering. If there is a dietary need, don’t be afraid to mention it.

6. Where the children play and rest?

Every child is different. Some may feel active 16 hours a day while some love to take naps after every 5-6 hours. A childminder should arrange required tools from a baby shop in London to assist small children during their stay with him/her.

Finding quality childminders in London is now easier than ever with The Children and Babies Register. The directory site is specially made for baby care service providers. Selecting a childminder from this web portal ensures you work with a reliable one.

Just choose one and ask all these questions to him/her!